Axial Fan

  • Axial Fan 02
  • Axial Fan 02
  • Axial Fan 02

Axial Fan 02

  • Axial Fan  

    Model NO.:SDS-9

    Power : 22KW

    Air Flow: 21.1 m3/s

    Pressure : 805 N

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Axial Fan  

Axial flow fan series for ventilation in factories, warehouses, etc.

Axial fans are used in mines and require custom explosion-proof motors.

Mining Fan

The mine fan series is used for ventilation in underground coal mine work.

High efficiency, low noise, long air supply distance, etc.

Tunnel Fan

Tunnel fan, jet fan, used in highway, railway, subway, parking lot. 

Where noise is required, a muffler can be added to reduce noise.

Direct drive, stable quality, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency.

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