Fan maintenance

The use environment should always be kept clean and tidy, the surface of the fan should be kept clean, and there should be no debris at the air inlet and outlet. Regularly remove dust and other debris in fans and pipes.

It can only be operated when the fan is completely in the forward position. At the same time, the power supply facilities must have sufficient capacity and stable voltage. Phase-loss operation is strictly prohibited. The power supply line must be a dedicated line and should not be used for a long time.

During the operation of the fan, it is found that the fan has abnormal sounds, the motor is extremely hot, the housing is charged, the switch has tripped, and it cannot start, etc., and it should be immediately stopped and inspected. To ensure safety, maintenance is not allowed during fan operation. After maintenance, test operation should be carried out for about five minutes to confirm that there is no abnormal phenomenon and then start operation.

According to the use of environmental conditions, the bearings are replenished or replaced from time to time (the motor sealed bearings do not need to be replaced during the service life). In order to ensure good lubrication during the operation of the fan, the refueling frequency is not less than 1000 hours / time. Closed bearings and motor bearings. Fill the inner and outer rings with two-thirds of the bearings with ZL-3 lithium grease. Never run without oil.

The fan should be stored in a dry environment to prevent the motor from getting wet. When the fan is stored in the open air, it should be protected against rain. Fans should be prevented from bumping during storage and handling to avoid damage to the fan.

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