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What are the noise treatment of fans?

Its noise is mainly aerodynamic noise, in which the centrifugal fan noise is mainly low frequency, and decreases as the frequency decreases; the axial flow fan is mainly intermediate frequency noise.

Its noise management is divided into sound source management and transmission path management. The former is important to stop improving the impeller, blades, casing, support structure and materials of the fan to reduce the noise of the fan itself. The latter is important to use noise control products such as mufflers, sound hoods and sound absorption walls to reduce the noise Stop the control of fan noise on the flow path.

If there is a special fan machine room, the noise reduction method of transforming the fan machine room into a sound insulation room can be adopted in combination with the site situation, that is, the fan unit is enclosed in the machine room so that its noise cannot be transmitted. If the noise in the machine room is large, but Outside noise is much smaller. The sealed machine room should be equipped with air intake and exhaust systems, and at the same time be equipped with a muffler device for the needs of the fan sound absorption and heat dissipation of motors, casings, etc.

When the noise control requirements are high, multiple methods such as vibration reduction, basic vibration isolation, sound absorption and sound isolation shall be adopted to comprehensively manage the mechanical noise, vibration and electromagnetic noise of the unit in order to lose the satisfactory noise reduction effect.

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