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How to test run after receiving the fan

After the fan is installed, test the machine according to the following procedure.

  For the newly purchased fan, it cannot be put into use immediately after the installation is completed, because there is one more important work before use, that is, test machine. The test machine is to ensure the correct installation on the one hand, and also to ensure normal use in the future. Let ’s take a look at the fan test steps with Antai Fan.

1. Check before starting:

⑴ Check whether the power supply (voltage, switch, etc.) and circuit meet the electrical requirements and whether the wiring is accurate.

⑵ Check whether the anchor bolts, the main body of the fan, the accessories, and the connection parts of the pipes are tight, and the bolts and nuts are evenly locked to avoid local tightening or loosening.

⑶ Check whether there are foreign objects inside the fan and pipeline, such as tools or other debris left during the installation; whether there are unsafe factors near the fan inlet and outlet, such as objects that are easily sucked in or blown off. If so, it must be cleared.

⑷ Check whether the bearing lubricant (grease) is sufficient and intact.

① For bearings using grease, an appropriate amount of grease has been added to the bearing when it leaves the factory, and it is not necessary to add it before the initial operation.

② For bearings lubricated with thin oil, check whether the oil level meets the requirements before running the fan.

⑸ For fans with water-cooled bearings, check whether the water supply condition of the cooling water pipeline is normal.

⑹ For couplings or belt-driven fans, check whether the couplings or pulleys are installed reliably and the tension of the V-belt is appropriate.

⑺ If a regulating door or damper is installed in the system, check its opening and closing status. Special attention should be paid to the fully-closed start for centrifugal fans and the full-open start for axial fans. Because in this state, the starting load of the fan is minimal.

车 Turning

动 Use the handwheel to move the impeller and observe whether the impeller can rotate flexibly, and pay attention to whether there is any abnormal noise such as collision or friction.

拨 Try dialing the transmission group, and pay attention to whether the feel is too heavy or light and heavy.

机 Test machine

经过 After going through the above procedures and confirming that all items are abnormal, you can start the fan for trial operation.

⑴ After turning on the power switch for 3 to 6 seconds, cut off immediately, confirm whether the airflow direction of the fan and the rotation direction of the impeller are correct; pay attention to observe whether there are abnormal sounds, vibrations, etc. If there is any abnormal situation, the unit should be re-checked and corrected according to the aforementioned process, and then the test run should be performed.

⑵ If no abnormality is found during transient operation, you can restart the test run. From the start until full speed operation, pay close attention to the status of each component of the unit and observe whether there is any abnormal situation. In particular, the running current should be detected. If the current value is greater than the rated current of the motor, the machine should be stopped to find the cause.

⑶ Generally, when the fan starts, the instantaneous current of the motor is 5 to 7 times of its rated current, and then gradually decreases and stabilizes. If the current drops too slowly, stop the operation and check the power supply system of the motor.

⑷ For the unit equipped with the regulating door, the opening and closing degree should be gradually adjusted to an appropriate flow rate after turning on the machine. At the same time, attention should be paid to the change of the current to ensure that the motor does not overload.

⑸ For axial flow fans, special attention should be paid: they cannot be operated in a fully closed or extremely small air flow state. For example: the air volume is very small due to excessive system resistance; or the air intake conditions of the fan are poor due to the installation in a confined space. Because when running in this state, the motor will be overloaded.

注意 Precautions during operation

⑴ Pay attention to the voltage, current and heat generation of the motor.

检查 Inspection of bearings

① Check the vibration and temperature of the bearing.

② Pay attention to the lubrication of the bearing and the state of the lubricating oil (grease).

③ For water-cooled bearings, pay attention to the amount and temperature of the cooling water.

⑶ Please pay attention to the following matters within one week from the start of the fan:

① Is there any rubbing between rotating parts and adjacent parts? Such as between the impeller and the air inlet and the casing; between the pulley and the bearing seat and the belt cover.

② Wear and tension of the belt.

③ Swing of the coupling (coaxiality is intact).

⑷ Pay attention to whether the fan produces abnormal noise or sudden increase in vibration.

⑸ Pay attention to any abnormal changes in the outlet pressure, inlet pressure, air volume, and current.

⑹ For fans transporting high-temperature gas, pay attention to the change of gas temperature. The lower the gas temperature, the greater the power required. Therefore, if the gas temperature is lower than the rated operating temperature, confirm that the power configuration of the motor is sufficient to avoid overload operation. It should also be noted that the maximum allowed operating temperature of the fan must not be exceeded.

⑺ Do not increase the speed arbitrarily to change the performance parameters of the fan, otherwise an accident may occur.

的 Precautions when stopping

关闭 Close the inlet and outlet valves after stopping.

时 When using cooling water, close the cooling water valve after shutdown.

(3) Fans that transport high-temperature gas should not be stopped until the temperature of the gas in the fan drops to 100 ° C.

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